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Membership to my live Sound Journeys, library of recordings & community space

Online Live Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys
& Living Library of Recordings

It is my great joy to offer you membership to Aluna Healing's Shamanic Sound Healing Sanctuary. The Sanctuary offers you membership into my sound healing portal, becoming part of our growing community. Your monthly subscription gives you access to all my live sound healing journeys, library of high quality sound journey recordings - to immerse yourself in healing sounds whenever you wish, and our new private heart-centered community space.

I lovingly invite you to join the sanctuary of shamanic sound healing!  

As a member you receive all my live and recorded sound journeys, as well as our beautiful community space, for as long as your subscription is active. Upon joining you will be welcomed into the Sanctuary library, where already over 24 hours of previous sound healing recordings & videos are housed. You will receive the Zoom link for each new live event into your inbox, and access to recordings to listen to whenever you choose. (You will no longer need to email to ask to join each journey, the links will be sent to you automatically)

The sound healing journeys are a sanctuary space of sound, stillness & community; to nourish, transform and  journey within, for the healing of ourselves & the Earth. These are live sound healing transmissions & shamanic journeys, with song, guided meditation, voice, crystal tones & ancient healing frequencies.

Each sound journey is a unique energetic transmission of codes of light and healing sounds. Together we journey, breathe, relax and release the density we may be carrying; opening our hearts to Mother Earth and the stars.

As we relax and surrender, we may open into spaces of healing and deep peace.
Through sound and stillness we may listen, and attune with the song of our soul.


"Thank you dear sister for a magical time with your angelic voice."

"Bless you and thank you. I so enjoyed the sound immersion recording and the newness that came through it.... 

So beautiful, so beautiful"

"Yesterdays journey was profound. It was so powerful. So beautiful. So real. Thank you, Daniela, for creating a safe, loving, healing space for each of us to experience and receive what we need most in the moment"

"Thank you for the sound healing last night, a huge amount of sorrow and grief shifted" xx  

"What a beautiful experience last night – you are the real deal. WOW xx"


Aluna Healing

Course Pricing

Your membership gives you access to two live shamanic sound healing journeys per month, plus additional sessions, held live (via Zoom). Access to my library of sound journeys, with high quality recordings of each new live session added, for you to listen to any time. A heart-centered, uncensored, community space to exchange and share, within the Sanctuary

Sliding scale monthly subscription - please give within your means.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, or change plans.
Your contribution is deeply appreciated and received with love & gratitude. 

  • Snowdrops (Concessions / low income)
  • £11

    per month

    For those who would otherwise be unable to join

  • Rose Petals
  • £22

    per month


  • Aquamarine
  • £33

    per month


  • Starlight
  • £44

    per month


  • Pure Gold
  • £55

    per month


  • Diamonds
  • £70

    per month